The Keys to Happiness
& Success Are in Your Grasp

Personal life coaching is about identifying strengths, unlocking passions, and finding fulfillment.  It's about moving forward.  It's not about therapy or counseling. It's about taking control.

With RBH Professional Development Institute, you'll get to experience a different way of examining the now, examining what is possible, and how to achieve your goals.  Challenges and obstacles are simply a part of life, but how you decide to look at them makes all the difference.


If you are ready to experience life anew, we’re here to help. It's amazing what life has to offer, especially if you combine passion, intent, and action.

  • Relationship & Intimacy
  • Emotional Processing
  • Motivation & Time Management
  • Business & Leadership
  • Finances & Budgeting
  • Health, Lifestyle & Aging
  •  Personal Growth
  • Purpose & Life Direction
  • Stress Management

Executive Coaching & Professional Development Services

Mastermind Classes, provide accountability, snergy, and brainstroming in a group setting designed to sharpen business and personal skills.

As a team of certified speakers, we offer specialized training for your individual and team needs.   We provide effective communication designed to forge relationships equipping your team with the proper atttitudes for improving their leadership skills.

Mastermind Classes

Keynote Speaking, Business Workshops, & Seminars

We offer a online leadership assessment, which allows you measure your own leadership skills.

Leadership Assessment

Professional Development & Leadership Training

We offer individual and group coaching.   Individual coaching focuses on professional goals.   Group coaching creates a cohesive bond, and allows each group member to develop the leader within, and nurtures the group as a whole 

Speaker's Club

Join our monthly Speaker's Club and overcome the fear of public speaking.  Develop you own style of communciation,  deliver a presentation, keynote and lead your team.